We are a Toronto-based boutique design studio, specializing in contemporary residential homes. We place the design process at the heart of every project, fostering a connection between our clients and their envisioned spaces. We achieve this through our cutting-edge utilization of 3D models and advanced visualization techniques, ensuring our clients have a vivid and comprehensive understanding of every creative decision.

 We take on a limited number of projects yearly, in order to give the highest degree of attention to each one.

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We also take special care of all city approvals and permitting, in order to minimize any delays and begin construction in a timely manner.

About founder

Cristina holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s
degree in Architectural Science, earned
at Toronto's Metropolitan University.

Her professional journey began working at globally renowned firms such as Diamond Schmitt in Toronto and Turenscape in Beijing, paving the way for her eventual establishment of Terentii Studio, which specializes in the creation of bespoke residences.

Having successfully delivered a diverse range of high-end projects, Cristina has solidified her reputation among clients, construction professionals, and engineers.

About founder

She believes that the spaces we inhabit shape our identities and it is her goal to create emotional connections between people and their surroundings through the use of color, materials, and form.

Recognizing that a home represents one of life's most significant investments, Cristina places paramount importance on ensuring that clients’ experience a sense of assurance and satisfaction when choosing to work with Terentii Studio.